The Titanic was a very big boat. It sank in 1912. The music band played until they died. Many people died because the water was very cold and there weren’t enough saving boats. One of the pasenger say:”I was in a saving boat, lot of people were inside the titanic. It was terrible”

(by Sergio García 1ªA)


Nuclear throne

This is Ash from 1A and I’m going to talk about my favourite video game. It´s called nuclear throne and it is a game about mutants that spend their work days trying to fight the throne in a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in thE world allows the mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly and the abundant ability of powerful weaponry. There are 12 characters with unique abilities to choose from. Here are some of the characters cristaL: chicken, horror…and many boses like big bandit, lil hunter, the throne…

I think it is a great game, but what about you?

Ash 1A


Sherlock Holmes and all his stuff

Sherlock Holmes is the character of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books.
Sherlock is an ordinary person.He haven’t much money so he shares a room with Dr.Watson. Sherlock doesn’t want to solve any case if it isn’t amazing or if he really likes it.He smokes cocain and has a chemistry equipment that he uses to solve his cases.He plays the violin and he is really messy.

By:Ricardo Porras, Alex Larrosa and Ash Robinson

El tiburón más peligroso del mundo

Tiburón blanco
Tiburón blanco

El tiburón más peligroso del mundo se lo conoce como el tiburón blanco.
Los fósiles mas antiguos del mundo aparecen hace unos dieciséis millones de años.
Sus orificios nasales son muy estrechos.
Los tiburones blancos viven entre unos 4 y 5 metros de longitud.
Los tiburones se les conoce como a una máquina de matar a las personas.
Su mandíbula es muy grande, puede matar a una persona en un mordisco.

Soy Lucia y me encantan los tiburones, sobre todo, el tiburón blanco.


hello! we are Lucia, Miryam, Aranzazu and Cristina and we are going to tell the story of Arthur Conan Doyle and his fairies.

Arthur Conan Doyle was a Scottish doctor. He was the writer of the famous detective fiction . He wrote stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He was born on 22nd may , 1859 and he died on 7th july 1930. Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies and people thought that  he was crazy.

One day , two girls sent him 5 or 6 fairies pictures of fairies. He thought the pictures were true. The girls were called French griffyh and Elsie Wright. They  were cousins with 16 and 10  years old . In 1981 they admitted only one picture was true, the others were a fake.


Fairy with one of the girls
Fairy with one of the girls


We are Aisaya and Cristina and we are going to explain how to play football

You musn’t touch the ball with your hand.
You musn’t kick other players.
You musn’t push other players.

There are two teams with eleven players on each team.

You need one ball.
You must score a goal in the goal of the ather team.

I’m Cristina and in my opinion, the best football player is : Samu Castillejo.
He plays in Malaga C.F.

I’m Aisaya and in my opinion, the best football player is : Messi.
He plays in Barcelona F.C.


Samu Castillejo
Samu Castillejo


EPSON DSC picture

Este es mi perro DANKO y os voy ha hablar sobre las curiosidades de los perros:
-Ellos siempre saben la hora justa para comer

-Los perros ven a colores pero no tan claro como nosotros

–Les encantan los niños

-Cuando una madre esta embarazada hacen todo lo posible para protegerles

-Ellos tienen un oído y un olfato superior al de los humanos

¿Tienes ganas de comprarte uno?


No le hagas a los perros lo que no quieras que te hagan a ti

Hecho por: Paloma Cascado Cortés de 1ºA


Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare is the greatest writer in English literature. People still love his plays and they go to the theater to enjoy them. One of his most important and famous plays is Romeo and Juliet; the story of two lovers from Verona.

In the beautiful city of Mijas, there are two families – the Montagues and the Capulet – they hate each other, their fathers and grandfathers hated each other too but the two lovers ….

What will happen? If you want to know come to our school next 19th, March and you will find out.

See you there