Polina Gagarina by Matvey Dergunov

Polina Gagarina is one of my favourite singers. She is a famous pop singer  from Moscú,Russia.She is young, but she sings very well with her fantastic voice .She spent  most of her youth in Greece. In 2015 she represented Russia at the Eurovision in Austria,and she won the second placewith her famous song”Million Voices”.I think Polina is a great singer.


My favourite musician ZarcortGame.

Zarcort is my favourite musician. He is a famous rap singer in YouTube. He is a singer from Almería, Spain. He is young, but he sings very well. In 2013 he put some videos of his music on YouTube and many people liked it. His best song is “Play love”. I think Zarcort is the best musician of the world.

                                                              By: MªCarmen González Moreno  2ºC


I had a really great day on Sunday. Carmen and Ana came to my house and we went hikinkg. First, we walked to the square and we played footbal with the boys and we were very happy to see them. Then we played water balloom wars. Then, we talked about our lives. Next, we had dinner in a restaurant called Triana. Finaly, we went to the cinema together and we saw the film UP, it was a very funny film. Sunday was a special day!



Julián López is a great  spanish actor, he appeared in a great film called Losing the North.  He was born in Spain in the city of Cuenca.He is thirty-six years old .He worked in   several television series mainly in comedies . He won an award for best actor.

                                                         Ángel Pérez Badillo

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is my favourite musician. He is part of a group called “One Direction”. He was born in Holmes Chapee,Cheshire, England. He is twenty one years old. He plays two instrumentsthe guitar and the kazoo. In 2010 he participed in a competition called “The X Factor”. In this experience he met the rest of the group and they created “One Direction”. Then a proffesional music company discovered them. The best song on their album is Night Changes. I think Harry Styles is the best musician in the group and in the word!harry styles

Here you can hear the song “Night Changes”.

By Lara Fernández Pérez


Bon jovi is my favourite band. They are a Famous hard rock band from NEW JERSEY (USA) They are four musicians the singer , the drum , the bass and the guitar. In 1980 they recorded their first album: Runaway. The best song for me is It,s My life and the second Living on a Player. The first time that I listened to them I was ten years old and I saw
it on the internet. They are the best band in the world.

By Lenin Moreno Ríos



Once upon a time two girls named Paula, Zoe and Cloe went to the forest. There they saw a hole:

– Cloe: What’s that? It’s very beautiful!!
– Paula and Zoe: Let’s see!
– Cloe: I don’t know. It looks dangerous!!

Cloe, Zoe and Paula went into the frightened hole. The hole took them to the World of Oz. There, there was a wizard with a long white bear and told them that he would granted them three wishes.

– Wizard: First, I am going to show you my country.

The world was very beautiful. The world had two theme parks, one pink ocean with Smurfs and blue grass with fairies. After a walk, they went to the castle where the wizard granted them the wishes.

– Wizard: Well, I can grant you three wishes.
– Cloe: I want minions to help me.
– Zoe: I want a dog.
– Paula: I want a magic rose.

Suddenly, Cloe heard a noise and she woke up. It was her alarm clock. It was a dream!!!



Once upon a time, Kate, Miryam, Carmen y Claudia went to Narnia. They saw lot of snow. There they found a wizard. The wizard gave them three wishes:

-Kate said: I would like to have much money,I would like to fly and to be Kate Becket.
– Carmen said: I would like to be a pandicornio, I would like to have many horses, I would like to have a big swimmingpool.
– Claudia: I would like to have a big car, I would like to be Kelvin Roldan’s daughter and read minds.

The characters were surprised and amazed. They left Narnia and went back home.


DIENTE DE SABLE (prehistoria)

Holaa! Soy Ana Barranquero de 1ºA y os vengo a hablar del diente de sable. El diente de sable es un canino de la prehistoria y su nombre es debido a que adquirieron de manera independiente unos dientes de sable. Esto significa que sus dientes evolucionaron con el paso del tiempo. Eran mamíferos, carnívoros y cazaban a sus presas como los tigres lo hacen ahora, pero mas rápido porque sus dientes eran mas afilados y eso le facilitaba la caza.