Once upon a time two girls named Paula, Zoe and Cloe went to the forest. There they saw a hole:

– Cloe: What’s that? It’s very beautiful!!
– Paula and Zoe: Let’s see!
– Cloe: I don’t know. It looks dangerous!!

Cloe, Zoe and Paula went into the frightened hole. The hole took them to the World of Oz. There, there was a wizard with a long white bear and told them that he would granted them three wishes.

– Wizard: First, I am going to show you my country.

The world was very beautiful. The world had two theme parks, one pink ocean with Smurfs and blue grass with fairies. After a walk, they went to the castle where the wizard granted them the wishes.

– Wizard: Well, I can grant you three wishes.
– Cloe: I want minions to help me.
– Zoe: I want a dog.
– Paula: I want a magic rose.

Suddenly, Cloe heard a noise and she woke up. It was her alarm clock. It was a dream!!!




Once upon a time, Kate, Miryam, Carmen y Claudia went to Narnia. They saw lot of snow. There they found a wizard. The wizard gave them three wishes:

-Kate said: I would like to have much money,I would like to fly and to be Kate Becket.
– Carmen said: I would like to be a pandicornio, I would like to have many horses, I would like to have a big swimmingpool.
– Claudia: I would like to have a big car, I would like to be Kelvin Roldan’s daughter and read minds.

The characters were surprised and amazed. They left Narnia and went back home.




Are you looking for a good serie to see? Then try Castle.Castle is an science-fiction series for all ages. The main characters are Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. Beckett mum is murdered,and so now she helps the police at the same time she is a detective. Castle is a famous writer and helps to solve the murders.He loves Beckett, and Beckett loves him, eventually they marry. Castle is more interesting than other science-fiction series. I really recommend it.

By:Cristina González and Lucia Iraci 1ºA

Boys and Girls


To boys,

Girls think as you as more than a friend but you just think as friends.But girls try and give you the message to say I like you,
but you never get it…A girl I know comes to school thinking of you all the time.She loves your smile the way you look out of the window every time she looks at you. She sometimes thinks you are shy and tries to talk to you but you are scared to say hello.She wants to tell you something: “I LIKE YOU” but she never really tells you but she is now…Boys don’t be stupid look at a girl and try and get to know her. She’s not that bad.

By Trinity Georgia x


There is a girl that´s so lovely
When I look into her eyes I feel great
Our love´s strong,it is forever
Our love is strong,our love is lovely
No other girl is liker her
She is the only one.

By:Juan Carlos

The film 3msc

Hello my name is Miryam I’m going to talk about the film 3msc “Three metres above the sky”.It is a Spanish film.It is a romantic drama , it tells the story of the relationship of opposite worlds.Hugo Olivera Castro “H” (MARIO CASAS) who came out of jail because he hit his mother’s boyfriend.He is a rebell the loves speed.He is always with his friend (ALVARO CERVANTES) “pollo”,they join a street gang.Babi (MARIA VALVERDE) belongs to a world that is normal,with a quiet life and good family. She goes to a school in Barcelona.(MARINA SALAS) katina is pollo’s girlfriend and Babi’s best friend.

I recommend you the film!



Hello We are Aisaya and Cristina and we are talking about the film ANABELLE
Anabelle is a horror film, for over 13.The main characters is Anabelle.
She kills people.I really recommend it but it’s frightening.