The Titanic was a very big boat. It sank in 1912. The music band played until they died. Many people died because the water was very cold and there weren’t enough saving boats. One of the pasenger say:”I was in a saving boat, lot of people were inside the titanic. It was terrible”

(by Sergio García 1ªA)


Sherlock Holmes and all his stuff

Sherlock Holmes is the character of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books.
Sherlock is an ordinary person.He haven’t much money so he shares a room with Dr.Watson. Sherlock doesn’t want to solve any case if it isn’t amazing or if he really likes it.He smokes cocain and has a chemistry equipment that he uses to solve his cases.He plays the violin and he is really messy.

By:Ricardo Porras, Alex Larrosa and Ash Robinson


hello! we are Lucia, Miryam, Aranzazu and Cristina and we are going to tell the story of Arthur Conan Doyle and his fairies.

Arthur Conan Doyle was a Scottish doctor. He was the writer of the famous detective fiction . He wrote stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He was born on 22nd may , 1859 and he died on 7th july 1930. Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies and people thought that  he was crazy.

One day , two girls sent him 5 or 6 fairies pictures of fairies. He thought the pictures were true. The girls were called French griffyh and Elsie Wright. They  were cousins with 16 and 10  years old . In 1981 they admitted only one picture was true, the others were a fake.


Fairy with one of the girls
Fairy with one of the girls


Hi, I’m Cristina and I’m in 1ºA. Do you know Dr Watson?

Dr.Watson is Sherlock Holmes’ partner.They are best friends and live together. He is a doctor and he was a soldier (war veteran). Watson helps Sherlock with his cases. He is tall and strong, friendly, generous and brave. Watson is very intelligent and very intuitive.He writes stories of the adventures of Holmes. watson

Sherlock meets Watson

Sherlock and Watson working
Sherlock and Watson working

Sherlock moved to London in 1874. He didn’t have much money because he wasn’t famous. For that reason, he decided to share a room at 221B Baker Street and he met Watson. They lived together. Mrs Hudson was the housekeeper.and helped them with the housework. They became friends and Watson helped Holmes with his cases.

I’m Cristina


Arthur Conan Doyle and the Strand

The Strand
The Strand

ACD didn’t have many patients so he wrote in his free time. First, he wrote a story about a detective called Sherlock and his friend Dr Watson.

He sent the story to a popular magazine called The Strand. Guess what? It was a big success. Readers loved Holmes and he sent more stories and The Strand sold many many copies.

That was the beginning of the grat Sherlock Holmes

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Arthur Conan Doyle and Dr Joseph Bell

Joseph Bell
Joseph Bell

Hi! What’s up? We are Ana and Paloma and we are the best.
You know Arthur Conan Doyle? He was a famous writer.He wrote stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He was born in Edinburgh. You know where Edinburgh is? It’s in Scotland. In 1876, Doyle went to Edinburgh University to study medicine and there he met professor Dr Joseph Bell. Dr Bell was very clever and intelligent. He guessed their patients’ lifestyles by observing them. He became Doyle’s model for Sherlock. And That’s all!!!

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Arthur Conan Doyle’s life

ACD at the age of 4

He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1859. He studied medicine at Edinburgh University. He bacame a doctor in southsea, England. He wrote books about a very intelligent detective called Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr Watson. Arthur Conan Doyle is the model for Dr Watson. In 1983, he was bored and he stopped writing books about Sherlock Holmes and he planned the death of Sherlock. People got angry and he wrote more books about Sherlock. His son died in the war and he had a mental crisis. He died in 1930.

We are Paloma Cascado Cortés and Ana Barranquero Núñez